Plumas Christian School
Plumas Christian School has created a great foundation for our children in regards to their spiritual life and their academics. We wouldn't want our children to go anywhere else.
-The Wade Family
"We are grateful for the quality, Biblical based education that Plumas Christian School provides. We are also thankful for the discipline, dedicated teachers, and care for each individual student."
-The Fitzpatrick Family
"Plumas Christian School has helped mold my children into the people God wants them to be, by helping them (and myself) to stay on the right path."
-Jamie Pingree
 Plumas Christian School parent
Plumas Christian School has become an extension of our family. We became involved with the school in 2015 when our oldest daughter, Zoey, began struggling socially at school. My husband and I decided her current school environment was no longer the best for her and we wanted the values she was learning in church and in our home to be reinforced at school as well. Plumas Christian provides the exceptional academic environment as well as the Christ-centered value system we want for our children. In just months, Zoey was the happy little girl at school that I saw at home and excited about school again. When I send my girls to school in the morning, I am sending them to a place where they are loved and learning by example what a life lived out for Christ truly looks like.