Plumas Christian School
Our Teachers

Pam Greene


Mrs. Pam Greene- Pam has been with the PCS kindergarten program for over 20 years. She has a quiet, steady spirit and a well-planned Kindergarten program that makes her an excellent teacher for a child’s early school experience. The PCS K class does a variety of learning experiences including everything from hatching chickens or ducks, growing plants, learning how to read, environmental awareness, and much more. Pam has a Child Development Associate Credential (with recognition in Washington, D.C.), has run her own early childhood day care/pre-school program, and has special training in discerning learning needs in young children.

Diane Seibel

3rd/4th Grade

Mrs. Diane Seibel- Diane truly has a wealth of teaching experience including over 35 years in the classroom. She has taught both in the public school arena, as well as the private Christian school. She is a graduate of Chico State University (California), and holds a lifetime teaching credential. She is very talented in music, and is oftentimes mentioned as their “favorite teacher” by our PCS 8th grade graduates! PCS is very blessed to have her in our classroom!

Christianna Nielsen

1st/2nd Grade

Mrs. Christianna Nielsen- Christianna began teaching at PCS in 2011. She holds a California teaching credential and is an experienced teacher, both in California and Texas. She brings much enthusiasm, a caring spirit, and a wonderful sense of humor to the classroom. PCS is very thankful to be able to welcome her to the PCS teacher family!


Jerry Dutton

Retired 2015

Mr. Jerry Dutton- Jerry is a graduate of Cal State University, Fresno. He holds a lifetime California teaching credential and Master of Arts degree in Special Education.
     After 26 years of service in the ministry of Christian education at Plumas Christian School, Jerry retired in 2015.  He received the "ACSI Career Service and Achievement Award" for his efforts.  Jerry was a pillar in our school and gem in our treasure chest of blessings.  His heart for the students and love for the Lord were evidenced in his work ethic, dedication, and positive spirit.  Although retired from teaching, his genuine concern for Plumas Christian School students' spiritual, academic, and physical well-being endures.  He remains active in his support of Plumas Christian School, and we continue to appreciate all he has done and continues to do for our school and students.

5th/6th Grade Teachers

Sandy Shafer


Shannon Little


Eliza Hardee


Wayne Yates


Phil Shafer


Laurie Sturley


Laurie Sturley

         Eliza Hardee

Physical Education - All Grades

                Music  - All Grades

Mrs. Laurie Sturley- Elementary PE- Laurie is a graduate of Mills College, Oakland, California. She is also a Lifetime Certified Outdoor Educator from the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) in Lander, Wyoming. She is known for her developing of elementary students in basic skills of volleyball and basketball, and what it means to be a team player, supporting your school classmates in inter-school sports competition. She occasionally enhances the PCS physical educational program by leading students in basic rock climbing/rappelling, utilizing the terrain of our beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains.
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